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SBDJPRO Infinity Member since 2006
The best way would be for FS to add native OS2L support.

geposted Mon 24 Sep 18 @ 11:02 pm
Hi Guys... I'm stupid... how can i open the Bridge? What Kind oft Software do i Need?

geposted Tue 29 Jan 19 @ 4:19 pm
Blue407Home userMember since 2019
i also am looking for advice on getting this working with Freestyler and OS2L bridge. Step by step would be really helpful. :) :)

geposted Thu 31 Jan 19 @ 2:16 pm
I can't find the os2l bridge addon....has it been removed? Can someone send it to me? Thanks.

geposted Sun 28 Apr 19 @ 10:28 pm
It's not needed anymore.
There is a new freestyler plugin that works internally in virtualdj.
Once installed, look in a default skin for "others" plugins and activate the new FS plugin there.

Within the new plugin properties page, you add the network IP address of your laptop running freestyler and this is why the os2l bridge is not meeded

geposted Thu 06 Jun 19 @ 3:24 pm
djniussPRO SubscriberMember since 2007
May i ask where is the new plugin ?

geposted Sat 07 Mar 20 @ 11:39 pm
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