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Topic: After 41 years DJing.......
Tonight is the first time ever I’ve had to get cover for my weekend wedding gigs at short notice. I’m absolutely worn out, been in bed since Tuesday evening. Been reallly, really ill, not over it yet. Docs on Tuesday.

Must be some sort of record.

geposted Sat 11 Aug 18 @ 12:24 am
Get well soon, Les.

geposted Sat 11 Aug 18 @ 6:42 am
True professional !

I have been gigging 32, years, on and off, and like yourself can't remember i gig i have had booked and not completed!,

I did have a resident job were i was an hour late, due to be getting stuck on a broken down underground in London, missed my train back to chesterfield and had to get the next train, went straight from the train station to the gig, i had phoned ahead and my backup music was already playing (a cd ) and arrived with two tracks left to play.

I always worried over wedding gigs, when a lot are booked so far in advance, health, vehicles, etc

But 41'years must be some kind of record, and i take my hat off to you sir, and hope your well soon, i am sure there are not many professions that work like ours...

geposted Sat 11 Aug 18 @ 6:53 am
Thanks guys, looks like I may miss some more gigs. Only time will tell. Seeing the Doctor on Tuesday. Will hopefully get some answers then.

Crazy to think I ran a marathon last October and up to May last year I was running over 100 miles per month for several years. Weird how things can turn around.

geposted Sat 11 Aug 18 @ 8:01 am
Hope you are feeling better soon Les.

geposted Sat 11 Aug 18 @ 8:15 am
Hey Les, get better! need you around for another 41 years! cheers! ant.

geposted Mon 13 Aug 18 @ 10:44 am
Thanks guys.

Been to the doctors today and it turns out to be a really nasty water infection. Had to do a sample and it almost lit up like disco lights lol. Very, very toxic.

On antibiotics for a week and hopefully should be getting back to normality (whatever that is). Although, I'm still worn out. This Saturday's gig is covered. I shall just rest up while I've got the chance.

geposted 7 days ago @ 2:30 pm
Any idea where you might have picked that up? Glad to hear you're (hopefully) sorted.

geposted 7 days ago @ 5:25 pm
I have absolutely no idea, just came at me out of the blue.

The Doctor is new to my surgery, hence, getting an appointment fairly quickly. She was very thorough looking at various issues, etc. A Polish friend of mine has always said when she has medical problems she travels back to Poland because their Health Service is years ahead of the rubbish British NHS. Normally appointments are around 10 minutes, my appointment with her was over 50 minutes and addressed many issues. She is now top of my list for any future appointments lol.

geposted 7 days ago @ 9:28 pm