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Topic: Radio Station Automation Plug in?

VDJ has been amazing thus far. I love the software. Is there a plugin that would grant VDJ similar options like Sam Broadcaster? Any users or support guides have any idea on how one could achieve this if there isn't a plugin?

Thanks VDJ for all you do!


DJ Skott

geposted Thu 23 Aug 18 @ 7:16 pm
Been talked about in the past but the general consensus is that DJ software and radio automation software are two completely different things and should stay that way.

geposted Thu 23 Aug 18 @ 7:23 pm
i understand the difference between them. I would like to still have it... i remember the stack mixer.. i keep hearing radio djs with great mix downs, to only see them live and think they suck.. i want to have both skills ... and more money to

geposted Wed 03 Oct 18 @ 12:16 am
it was my understanding that automix was pretty much what sam broadcast does minus the beat mixing portion.

anyways that is my experience ... i have used sam broadcaster in the past

the only things is does that VDJ does not is automatically insert jingles and commercials and it has rules to prevent songs from playing back to back when its running by itself.

geposted Wed 03 Oct 18 @ 12:24 am
the software i used we stacked multiple things and you could adjust the music ahead of time and add in adds and stuff. I would spend 40 min making 8 hours of mix down.. it was a total cheat but it worked .. I am lucky that in real life i have the same skill as some djs suck in real life vs the radio set ..

geposted 4 days ago @ 4:37 pm