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Topic: Configure VDJ to trigger sounds (live sets) from Ableton Live using Launchpad sampler
Does anyone have these 3 working in tandem? I like the sounds that are available with Ableton Live and can trigger them on my computer via the Launchpad. However I'd like to have these be triggered through VDJ during a live DJ set. How do I go about setting this up in VDJ and/or Ableton?

Thanks in advance.

geposted Fri 21 Sep 18 @ 3:20 am
The easiest is probably to export them in Ableton, and load it in sample banks in VDJ
Then set them to be loops and sync locked in the sample editor, so they will follow the track you are playing
Then you can trigger them in VDJ - also using your Launchpad

geposted Fri 21 Sep 18 @ 8:21 am