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Topic: Weird issues last night. Any idea what it could be?
Last night I was doing an event and I had some issues. I haven't had time to dive into it but I'll check it out this week and hoping maybe you guys can give me some pointers on what to look for.

I'm a DVS user and hardly ever use one of my controllers. I was running an S9 mixer with a pair of Reloop RP-8000's. VDJ8, very high end laptop with top specs. I used this exact set up about a week ago and have been using it for a few months with zero issues and everything worked great. Also, I'm using VDJ timecode vinyl, checked all my connections to make sure they were good, new needles and the tonearms were calibrated. I also had a 100% perfect signal, running in Smart mode.

My left turntable worked with no issues. The right one, had the following issues:
- When I loaded a song, it would speed up very fast like the pitch was all the way up. After about 4 or 5 seconds, it would go back to normal or if I lifted the needle and put it back down, it would go back to normal.

- On my laptop, I have the bracket keys mapped to Start/Stop. The Left bracket [ worked fine. The Right bracket ] did this weird thing that when I hit it, it would cause a brake effect on that turntable. I checked the mapping and everything was what it was supposed to be, with no changes. The mapping showed that both brackets should be start/stop but when I hit the left one, it didn't do what it was mapped to do.

- If I used the loop out effect on the left TT, it worked fine and would stop at the end of the loop. On the right, it would loop out but it would start playing again at the end of the loop.

- The left TT would stop the music if I put my hand on the vinyl and cued it up. The right TT would still play forward VERY slowly, even if I had my hand on the vinyl, which would cause me to constantly spin it back so I could have it play at the right cued mark.

I for the life of me can't figure out what would have caused all this. I didnt change a single thing anywhere in the settings or with the TTs. Everything worked perfectly fine a week ago and has been working just fine for awhile. All of these issues came up out of no where. Would dirty power at the venue cause issues? Bad power supply? My set up for those who have the Reloops, is that I have the RCA's plugged into the mixer, the connection cable going from the left TT to the right TT, and the left TT usb cable plugged into the laptop.

Thanks to anyone who shine some light into this or give me some helpful tips to look into when I try to recreate the issues at home this week.

geposted Sun 23 Sep 18 @ 10:58 pm
For some reason the "brakespeed" of that deck was not set to 0.
Check settings, or your controller/mappers for a knob that changes brakespeed

geposted Mon 24 Sep 18 @ 9:40 am
Hmmm...I don't know if that would cause all of the issues I was having. I could MAYBE see it causing the brake effect by not being at zero when I pressed the bracket key I have mapped on the keyboard to start/stop but here's the thing....

1. Why would it automatically just do that on it's own and ignore the mapping I have for the bracket keys?
2. That wouldn't cause the sudden speed up in pitch and then slow down on it's own or after I lefted the needle and put it back down.
3. That wouldnt cause the audio to continue playing forward very slowly even while I had the timecode stopped with my hand.

And I did adjust the brake/stop dial on that TT during the night, because that was something I thought about. It didn't make any difference whether I had the dial all the way at 100% at zero.

But, I'll still check it into and see if that made any difference. Maybe the mapping for the Reloop did something weird to everything else, but still not sure why it would change completely on it's own when it has been working fine all along. Such a strange situation.

geposted Mon 24 Sep 18 @ 12:20 pm