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Topic: Corrupt MP3 ( song files
Hi. I have been downloading songs from onto my laptop and then playing them through the software. I am increasingly seeing songs becoming corrupt (meaning ERROR when I drag them into a deck). I am renaming songs once downloaded from the site and then placing them into music genre folders.

An example of the nature of the renaming would be "01. Thriller" to "Thriller - Michael Jackson". Could this be the reason files are becoming corrupt?

Or, perhaps, if I am dragging songs in and out of decks while I decide what to play? Any help would be more is becoming painful and expensive to keep downloading playable versions during gigs.

geposted Mon 24 Sep 18 @ 5:52 pm
DJ Helimax wrote :
I have been downloading songs from

Bad idea. I think you'll find that those purchases will not be regarded as legal in your home country.

An error message on a deck does not necessarily mean the track is corrupt. More likely the track cannot be found - i.e. you've renamed it or moved it since it was added to the VDJ database.

geposted Mon 24 Sep 18 @ 6:47 pm
Thx for the input. I have renamed and moved the MP3s. Odd that only some of them turn out to be problems with my Pioneer DDJ-SB3

geposted Sat 29 Sep 18 @ 2:46 am
Can you please direct me to another website where I can economically (and on demand) download decent version of tunes? The "taking request" part of the night turns out to be an important success factor for my gigs.

geposted Sat 29 Sep 18 @ 2:49 am