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Topic: Secondary Performance Pad Question.
Hi guys!!!! I'm using a Gemini G4V. What's a vdj script that allows me to make my primary performance pads into a secondary performance pad page for each of the pads (i.e. hot cues, loops, sampler, and loop roll) when I press "Shift" while at the same time pressing the selected performance pad of your choice. If that make sense. Basically how most controllers like sx2 or mc7000 have secondary layers with the press of "Shift".

geposted Wed 10 Oct 18 @ 3:19 pm
shift ? pad_page 'slicer' : pad_page 'hotcues'

Here slicer is the secondary page

geposted Thu 11 Oct 18 @ 11:24 am
So is that how I would do key cue or saved loop as well. Thanks bro

geposted Fri 12 Oct 18 @ 2:52 pm
How do I setup all my pages so when I press shift and the pad page, it will switch to that pad page's secondary layer?

geposted Fri 12 Oct 18 @ 3:01 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Most important is to make sure you start with the factory default mapping or a custom mapping where the Pads are mapped as pad 1 , pad 2 etc. and the SHIFT button is mapped as shift
If your custom mapping was created long time ago (before the default was changed to support pad pages), then it wont work.

So if your Pads are mapped as above, then all u need to do is to change the action for the Pad mode buttons.

Example was given by Phantom above, where the HOTCUE button/key is mapped as ..
shift ? pad_page 'slicer' : pad_page 'hotcues'

This will automatically change the behavior of the pads and the respective Pad page will be also loaded to the GUI , offering Slicer (SHIFT +HOTCUES button) or Hotcues (just HOTCUES button without SHIFT) mode

See here how to map a controller button.

Note.. Its the same if you map SHIFT_HOTCUES key as pad_page 'slicer' and leave the non-shift key HOTCUES as pad_page 'hotcues'

Further on this , you may find useful to change the mapping of the LED so to know which mode/page is loaded without looking at the GUI. For the case above, you will need to map the LED_HOTCUES key as ..
pad_page 'slicer' ? blink : pad_page 'hotcues'

where the LED will blink when in secondary mode

geposted Sat 13 Oct 18 @ 8:47 am
Thanks a lot. How can I put that in without my controller.....I tried pressing and holding the "shift" button on my laptop only and it didnt work. I guess I gotta do it on my controller huh?

geposted Tue 23 Oct 18 @ 11:58 pm
Yay I figured it out...It freaking worked. kudos to yall at atomix.

geposted Wed 24 Oct 18 @ 2:37 am