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Topic: Waveform jumps randomly when adding new hotcue and when clicking temporary Cue button
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
Load a new track with no hotcues, then click an empty hotcue button, e.g. Hotcue "1". When I click the button, the hotcue is added on the mouse button "down" event, and when I release the mouse button, the playhead position jumps forward by a random amount. This doesn't seem normal.

The Temporary Cue button (to the left side of the Stop button) also exhibits strange behaviour. If I click and hold it for a few seconds, on mouse button down playback begins, until I release the mouse button, at which point playback returns to the original position. This is the correct and expected temporary Cue button functionality. However, if I click the Cue button once but very fast, so that the mouse down and mouse up events happen in very fast succession, the playback position doesn't return to the original position, in fact, it will be off by a fraction of a beat.


[Edit: Should have put this in the Technical Support forum...]

geposted Wed 14 Nov 18 @ 5:00 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005

geposted Wed 14 Nov 18 @ 2:11 pm
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
OK here is how this happens, using decks 1 & 2 for this example:

rampSartTime = 0
rampStopTime = 0
Deck 2 is master, Deck 1 is slave
BeatLock Deck 1 = On
BeatLock Deck 2 = on or off (doesn't matter)
Smart Play, Smart Cue, Smart Loop, Cue Quantize On Set: These settings don't have an effect on this issue
Zoom in on the waveform display so that you can see the waveforms "drifting" when the issue happens.

With these settings in place, do the following:

1. Start playback on Deck 2
2. Ensure Deck 1 is either stopped or paused
3. Now position the mouse over the Cue button of Deck 1, and proceed to press and release the left mouse button very quickly i.e. ensure the time between the button-down and button-up events is very short.

You should see the waveform for Deck 1 drifting, some times backwards, sometimes forwards. It looks like it's to do with beatlock. The unexpected result is that the waveform for Deck 1 continues to move after the Cue button is released.

I hope that makes sense! Thanks

geposted Sat 17 Nov 18 @ 3:31 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Yeah it's related to the beatlock on or off for the deck.
You don't need to set deck 2 as master.
Just play a track on deck 1
load deck 2
beatlock for deck 2 on
and double click the temp Cue on deck 2.

geposted Mon 19 Nov 18 @ 1:12 pm
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
Is it a bug then?

geposted Mon 19 Nov 18 @ 1:19 pm