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Topic: Question about rhythmzone cue colours
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Hello and an early Happy New Year, skin gurus. I am working on a multi-deck (8) skin with custom deck colours. I have the colours working for various elements but cannot get the cue text or cue indicator in the rhythmzones to use a colour other than the default. I'm sure I am missing something and have taken a few stabs in the dark. I've looked at a number of example skins but none seem to try to change the wave colours from the defaults.

To further complicate matters, I have 8 separate rhythmzones, each with colours set to "" except for the one for each deck (for example, the first one is at the bottom of this post). All eight rhythmzones are mostly displaying correctly, with some tweaking needed.

Can anyone help with cue colours, please?

<rhythmzone mirror="false" upsidefown="false" fade="100">
<pos x="+10" y="+0"/>
<size width="1900" height="50"/>
<colors deck1="#ff0000" deck2="" deck3="" deck4="" deck5="" deck6="" deck7="" deck8="" />
<grid height="4" width="3" mainwidth="10">
<pos y1="+45" />
<rhythm x="+0" y="+0" height="45"/>
<cue y="+1" height="46" color="#ff0000" >
<text dx="10" dy="-1" color="#ff0000" size="14" />
<mask width="12" height="46" x="540" y="1112"/>
<mouserect x="+0" y="+0" width="+1900" height="+50"/>

geposted Mon 31 Dec 18 @ 10:46 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
You can't get this with rythmzone. Cue text and markers can only follow deck wave color.
Perhaps try using a combination of rhythmzone without cues and scratchwave for cues.
Or one rhythmzone without cues and an additional over the 1st with the cues but with rhythm height 0.

Btw, what's the mouserect for ?

geposted Tue 01 Jan 19 @ 6:08 am
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Thanks, DJDad. I'll mess around a bit with your suggestions.

The mouserect was in one of the skins I was looking at (V8 but by Fruit, I believe) and I hadn't yet removed from mine, not knowing what it did.

geposted Tue 01 Jan 19 @ 4:48 pm