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I wan't to use my hercules controller with virtual DJ, but I can't afford to buy it as I'm not a DJ just a person who likes to use a controller at home.
Why won't they allow me to use it?
I used to love using VDJ but now I have to make do with the lesser "Mixxx".
Can anything be done?

geposted Sun 10 Mar 19 @ 6:23 pm
starsign59 wrote :

Can anything be done?

Yes, you could buy a license.

You don't have to pay for the full Pro license if you're only a home user. Just buy a Plus license for your controller (but bear in mind that it will only work with that controller).

Alternatively you could pay a monthly subscription to use VDJ.

geposted Sun 10 Mar 19 @ 7:07 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
It isn’t really expensive for what were given which appears to be life long support. That being said it is still expensive to become a DJ, and I know most of the cost short cuts. My heart goes out to the new users and DJ's with little money. Things have improved ..

The price of VDJ will be statistically determined, the price and number of units sold are related. That is a practical and normal business method. We cannot expect Atomix to run a charity for non pro users and DJ's.

Such is life.

Anyway I think Atomix leave the DJ door ajar by living with cracked versions of VDJ. They know that when a DJ has the money he/she will buy a legal copy. A hot topic !

geposted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 1:55 pm
VDJ Ron wrote :
They know that when a DJ has the money he/she will buy a legal copy. A hot topic !

Someone I know makes around £500 a week as a DJ and has been using cracked VDJ7 for years. He has no intention of paying for it.

geposted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 2:20 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
He could offer a superior service to his customers by using legal modern software. A bit stupid really. He's not fit to work for the public and is robbing his customers. I hope there are not many such people.

geposted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 2:37 pm
What would be superior about it. no-one knows or cares.

geposted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 3:12 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
"no one knows or cares"

There is something going wrong with your work experience. You might be reasonably well paid..but there are other important things such as job satisfaction.
I'm not being funny..many people do care in many ways. Those are the people for whom you should seek to work but you also must help by putting your heart on the line.
I've noticed this about Beatbreaker, AMAHM and Wildcountry as well. It's a kind of hardness and cynicism.
I regard the four of you as professional...that makes things even more disturbing.

I've worked for the rubbish and the gangsters.

Just remember the good people.

geposted Mon 11 Mar 19 @ 5:42 pm
my 2004 hercules came with a le version of virtual dj...

geposted Tue 12 Mar 19 @ 5:52 am