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Topic: Exclude songs from Filter-Folder?

Is there a way to exclude particular (songs) from a specific Filter Folder ?
I have a Filter Folder, containing songs added the last 60 days.
Now, I have a few hundred songs I will be importing (low-bitrate songs that I have re-ripped and saved in high (320 Kbps) bitrate).
Fact is that those will appear in the Filter Folder (as being added in the last 60 days), which is not needed (it are not 'new' songs).
This will make the Filter Folder very crowded filled with these songs and so losing sight on the actual 'new' songs of my collection.

geposted Thu 21 Mar 19 @ 4:03 pm
Add some kind of info in the comment-tag ("Blub") and add the exclusion in your filter-folder: and comment doesn't contain Blub.

geposted Thu 21 Mar 19 @ 4:18 pm
Thx Music234, will do that

geposted Fri 22 Mar 19 @ 12:14 am
... and what do I add to the filter script (command) to exclude something ? :-)
Couldn't seem to find anything in the fields-list to give the command to exclude songs with sudden words in sudden tag-fields.
Tried the wiki-page from the website (Filter Folder examples) but no luck their either.

geposted Fri 22 Mar 19 @ 12:31 am
He already gave you the script.

music234 wrote :
comment doesn't contain

geposted Fri 22 Mar 19 @ 1:44 am
You can always add 'and bitrate >= 192' on your query to get files that are at least 192kbps
No need to add comments or anything if you don't want to

Nevermind, I re-read your post and you want to exclude new files DB that you know they are old.

However, assuming that your tags are correctly set you could use 'and year >=2019' to filter out all songs that were not released in 2019

geposted Fri 22 Mar 19 @ 10:02 am