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Topic: Denon MC4000 ASIO Driver problem
Hi all,

Has anyone come across this message before and is there a solution?

"M-Audio The ASIO sample rate is not supported by one of the interfaces. please check your sync settings in the control panel"

I'm trying to help a mate get his Denon MC4000 controller working so he can broadcast either using VDJ Broadcast or BUTT.
I downloaded the Windows drivers today so they are the most recent.

If its relevant on his laptop he has the internal Realtek HD sound card plus a USB card plugged in as well (Behringer UCA 202)

Thanks for any advice that can be offered.

geposted Thu 21 Mar 19 @ 5:08 pm
Just to clarify... Have you downloaded the Asio drivers from Denon and not used a Windows all-in-one Asio driver?

geposted Fri 22 Mar 19 @ 12:36 am
Hi thanks for the reply - yes the drivers are direct from the Denon support page for the controller. He had already downloaded Asio4all though which I haven’t deleted yet.

geposted Fri 22 Mar 19 @ 9:03 am
Be sure to check so the Denon is not the default audio interface used by Windows.

geposted Fri 22 Mar 19 @ 10:02 am
Thanks I’m pretty sure I set the default as the internal sound card but will double check later when I can remotely access his machine

geposted Fri 22 Mar 19 @ 11:36 am