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Topic: m3u8 playlist support?
Why will my Virtual DJ not read .m3u8 files? Seems easy enough to implement. I keep thinking I shouldn't have to request this as it will probably be implemented on the next release because it's obvious and I can't be the only one wishing for it, yet after years of wishing I'm starting to lose hope.

geposted Thu 11 Jul 19 @ 1:16 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
ah! m3u8 files are standard m3u files, the "8" standing for "utf8 encoded", this is now the default
not only VDJ reads them it uses them internally, for lists, history ...
they are handled as folders and can be moved directly to sideview - sidelist automix karaoke ... -

all VDJ created .m3u files are in fact true .m3u8 ones as soon as they contains one utf-8 encoded character
you can test by copying and renaming some .m3u8 as .m3u VDJ will handle them as folders

just add .m3u8 as a .m3u alias in VDJ may be needed

geposted Thu 11 Jul 19 @ 2:44 pm