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Topic: button for slow sync?
Hi all,

Say I am playing a 88 BPM song on deck A, and a track waiting on deck B that's 91 BPM. Is there a way to slowly change the BPM to 91? I know I can slowly change the BPM of a playing song to 100% of it's BPM using the pitch reset button, and I know I can sync a playing song immediately with the other deck by clicking sync. But, I want to change the pitch of the playing song slowly to 91 BPM. How do I do that? Is there a button, or a plugin, or anything that has a slow change effect similar to the pitch reset button to do this?


geposted Sun 11 Aug 19 @ 9:28 pm
only way i know of is use the pitch fadder or during the mix you can reset the other track with pitch lock on. It may even work with out mixing them i'm pretty sure it will as long as pitch lock is on.

geposted Sun 11 Aug 19 @ 11:06 pm
I sometimes do it as an effect on a mix - even with huge BPM diffs

I then loop the new/next faster track at the currents track slow bpm, but with the volume down
Then I pitch lock the 2 tracks
Then I start pitch reset on the second track - that will slowly change pitch of both tracks until they are both at the second tracks original pitch - but only the original track is turned up, so it will sound like it's "taking off" and climbing in BPM
Then I end the loop on the second track and turn up it's volume to create the mix

You can of course also mix in the new track halfway to get another effect

Here is a quick video I did a while back to show the general idea

geposted Mon 12 Aug 19 @ 7:40 am
That works. Good ideas.

klausmogensen, I have to learn that language that you are writing for the button, is there one reference for the language?

Also, off topic - but I don't see any options to add pictures to my posts. I can only write text. Is that because I am a new user? Or are there some tags in this forum that I don't know about? I don't see any instructions.


geposted Tue 13 Aug 19 @ 4:33 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
vdj script verbs, there are other resources written on how to.

No uploading pictures for home licence users, you'll have to host on tinypic or whatever and link here in
[img ][/ img] tags

geposted Tue 13 Aug 19 @ 4:36 am