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Topic: Karaoke icon instead of audio icon
Hello all,

I want to change the icon of an audio file from audio icon to a karaoke icon, because it's a karaoke song.
I don't remember how and can't find the option anymore to make it a karaoke file/icon?

Searched the forum and seeing that it should be a checkbox in the tag editor (where else?) but I haven't got the checkbox in the tag editor?

geposted Sat 14 Sep 19 @ 8:54 am
It seems that the karaoke check box only shows in the tag editor if the file is a video file, not just audio.

That makes sense to me because a karaoke file would normally be either a video or combined audio+graphics/lyrics - not just an audio file.

Maybe you should edit it so that it has an accompanying video file...

geposted Sat 14 Sep 19 @ 9:03 am
create a fake .CDG (in windows explorer) with the same filename as the song.

ie: Rush - Tom Sawyer.mp3
Rush - Tom Sawyer.cdg

then in VDJ browse and load the song. Unload song, exit VDJ then delete the CDG file (from windows explorer) run vdj and the icon will stay as karaoke.

(I tried it and works)

now wondering where this info is stored because after I did that and CLEAN the DATABASE, it still has the karaoke icon (I guess the only way to remove that tag now is thru TAG EDITOR and uncheck the box)

geposted Sat 14 Sep 19 @ 2:21 pm
THX for the help !

geposted Mon 16 Sep 19 @ 6:48 am