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Topic: VirtualDJ 2021 : Real-Time Stems separation - Page: 8
Has anyone determined how to confirm GPU acceleration / math for STEMs separation is enabled ? I have an older laptop that supports CUDA 1.2 (NVidia NVS 3100M) and have installed latest GeForce reference drivers available:

Version: R384 U2 (385.12)
Release Date: 2017.7.31
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 308.35 MB

But STEMs pre-compute is identical speed to previous, so I suspect the CUDA acceleration is not engaged. Is there more necessary to enable CUDA acceleration for STEMs processing ? Do I need to install the entire CUDA SDK in addition to the drivers ?

NVideo Control Panel shows "all" for CUDA enablement:

VDJ2021 shows default math settings:


geposted Sun 19 Sep 21 @ 2:28 am