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Topic: Denon MCX8000
Hello friends,
I was thinking about getting a Denon MCX8000 controller and wondered how well it worked with VDJ? Do you like the MCX8000 ? I'm just a small town DJ who uses a simple 4 channel controller and while is getting bad sound out of that controller. Its going bad most likely. So I thought I would upgrade maybe.


Captain Ron

geposted Tue 23 Jun 20 @ 7:19 pm
I have one and cant recommend it highly enough, it's a fantastic bit of kit. Everything is placed in just the right place and works really nice and smooth.
The biggest advantage is you can use 2 decks with usb sticks and 2 with the pc/mac. I love it.
Only downsides are the aysemetric transport controls and the physical size, not friendly for small booths.
Buy one, it's great!

geposted Tue 23 Jun 20 @ 7:36 pm
Do you get all the controls using vdj for mixing etc ? I’m New to the mixing stuff.

geposted Tue 23 Jun 20 @ 8:43 pm
Yes, it's probably one of the best VDJ controllers out there. And having the switchable standalone backup is the icing on the cake.

!00% recommend it.

geposted Tue 23 Jun 20 @ 9:07 pm
any cool tips setting it up or using it I should try?

geposted Wed 24 Jun 20 @ 6:01 pm
So I installed new drivers etc. I only get 1 of the 3 built-in effects? How do I get the built in effects ?

geposted Thu 25 Jun 20 @ 5:47 pm

geposted Thu 25 Jun 20 @ 5:52 pm
ahhh. ok.. I should have known that. sorry..
Thank you

geposted Wed 01 Jul 20 @ 8:47 pm