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Topic: 4-band EQ.. As a world's first
Im sure you are all familiar with the 4-band EQs on the Allen & Heath Xone 92 for example.. You should implement a feature for that..!
World's FIRST dj software with 4 band EQ,let that sink in.. And of course you should also team up with a reputable controller manufacturer and develop a controller with 4 EQs (plus dedicated filter and gain knobs of course)
This would give users unprecedented blending flexibility,just like it was meant to be.
Because let's be honest,since we don't have to beatmatch anymore,we DO have some extra time to create mindbending frequency transitions. I know that this will become the next standard once implemented,whoever will do it,so make sure you "draw first blood" : )

geposted Mon 28 Sep 20 @ 11:05 am
there is a 30 band EQ in the add-ons section

i'm sure that's much better then 4

geposted Mon 28 Sep 20 @ 12:15 pm
Sure,but the key feature here is the hardware integration.. Without a controller that has 4 EQs the whole thing remains a gimmick.
Dj hardware manufacturers are teaming up with DJ software companies left and right,I hope VDJ will see the huge potential in this.

On that note,back in the days one of the VDJ versions (4.3 I think?) Used to have frequency / EQ crossfaders, "just like" the Pioneer DJM-2000.. That right there is another untapped creative (and business) opportunity missed.
Lately I'm extremely pleased with the Numark controllers by the way,they cram in more innovation than Pioneer in the last 5 years so maybe Numark would be a great partner in developing some "dedicated" controllers.. Just an idea ; )

geposted Mon 28 Sep 20 @ 3:12 pm
wickedmix wrote :
there is a 30 band EQ in the add-ons section

i'm sure that's much better then 4

Only available in 32 bit application however.

geposted Mon 28 Sep 20 @ 8:34 pm
Grok32Home userMember since 2019
The 10 band EQ works in 64 bit.

geposted Mon 28 Sep 20 @ 9:56 pm
And of course [ trolling aside guys ] anyone who has a clue about DJing knows that a 30band EQ has its place and it is nowhere near the dj mixer,it is in the amp rack.
So let's not confuse the 4band EQ with a graphic equalizer which is meant to correct certain room/speaker characeristics and is set to a _constant_ value
Just to be clear the 4band EQ enables you to surgically separate kicks and subs for example, and so on. If we are talking about a VDJ integration then you already have the option to fine tune the EQ cutoff frequencies and allocate them between the 3 EQs so the possibilities are endless

geposted Mon 28 Sep 20 @ 9:57 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
stems can do
kick . bass . melovocal . hihat
rhythm . bass . melo .vocal

as well any 4band EQ VST i.e.:

just have to map it correctly following own needs

geposted Mon 28 Sep 20 @ 11:54 pm
The Stems EQ is using 4 knobs on hardware. It’s just using the effect knob for the 4th control.

But I’m not sure if it makes sense to use bands of frequencys, when Stems is able to control the single instruments much better.

geposted Tue 29 Sep 20 @ 12:01 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
much better .. is a point of view :\ ... much experimental sure, and really bad sounding in many cases, specialy solo and isolate for now
both stems & frequencies are not exclusives and may mix with good results, not all possibilities have been explored in such situations
Stems are just sometimes out of range for what is wanted, specialy for voices in duos where frequencies can help
Stems may need some extra filtering or other extra per stem effect in many situation, specially in multitrack condition (which can be acheive using scratch mode)
yes, possibilities are really endless

geposted Tue 29 Sep 20 @ 1:02 am
I can see that some of us aren't the biggest fan of the 4 EQs becoming the new standard.. :]] And it might be indeed an overkill for most DJs. I remember a gig when I seen a Xone92 for the first time when I stepped up to start my set.. It can be overwhelming at first,sure.
But after getting familiar, it turns out to be one of the most mindf#ck mixer tools ever designed (even without an option for custom frequency allocation )
So bottom line is,it would make absolute sense to collaborate with a manufacturer to develop a premium product line with this feature,I hope there are actual VDJ admins reading this : ]
Or ,speaking of which,here is another feature which is pretty awesome (and even Traktor has it.. ) .. : EQ characteristics preset selector.. Otherwise known as "EQ Selector" on Korg KM-402 mixer or "EQ / filter selection" in Traktor
Aand of course I'm not talking about third party,randomly stable plugins but actual software development integrated into settings..
I'm the biggest fan of VDJ since 2003 but missing out on features like this is simply not beneficial for anyone..

geposted Tue 29 Sep 20 @ 11:49 pm
Yvan JPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Does Virtual DJ already work with an actual 4 band EQ mixer like the Allen & Heath Xone 96 ?
(BTW I know it’s an analog mixer but I believe it works fine with Traktor)

geposted Tue 13 Oct 20 @ 7:48 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
It is an analog mixer, so yes it will work, VirtualDJ would just be configured to send the deck outputs to the mixer, and the mixer then applies EQ.
The Xone:96 doesn't even send MIDI afaik, so there's no visual feedback within VirtualDJ though.

geposted Tue 13 Oct 20 @ 8:10 am
that would be totally awesome!

geposted Fri 17 Mar 23 @ 5:38 pm