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Topic: DropSearch
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014

geposted Mon 22 Mar 21 @ 4:57 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
There are 2 search modes selected by pad parameter buttons
Limited search: Search is limited to fields selected in search options (and used field when possible)
by default Artist Title and Filepath only
FullSearch: Search is global (all fields but filename)
Use rightclick to go back to previous "last folder"
initial version have to be improved

geposted Mon 22 Mar 21 @ 8:10 pm
Hi Nicotux

Love the how easy you have made searches .. one click to quickly do different searches from a selected track.

I like the 'Limited Search' to search for matches only in the selected fields.

And I notice that when I select to search in the Comments field, it also includes results that have a match to a part of the filename .

For example if I want to search the Comments field, for "ABC" then it will also find (list in resulting search) tracks that have "ABC" as part of the file name.

Don't know if that is what should happen or not.

Would like to only search the Comments field , for matches when using the "Limited Search' mode. Is that possible?

Again love this Addon that you have created

thank you

geposted Tue 23 Mar 21 @ 5:47 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
There are the same limitations as search in general, title artist and filepath are default, no field is all fields

I tried to limit the search but search_options seems to be hardcoded and temporary or ignored when set by script (or the scripts are wrong)
As well as search by key any field only works when in fullsearch or specifically set out of the scripts

(note fullsearch is custom and limited is default)
as far as I can see when filepath is desactivated nothing works at all, even the normal search

I would like to get drop work with one field only as click does, but didn't found a way (yet?)


geposted Tue 23 Mar 21 @ 7:29 am