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Topic: "Own STEMS from DAW" Support
JirSimHome userMember since 2021
I think, that VirtualDJ should enable to import own stems from DAW (Kick,Hihat,Bass,Instrument,Vocal) for music Producers...

If I own source stems of the track, why should I degrade the quality with realtime stems?! If I don't own source stems of the track, then I can use realtime stems, because realtime stems are better than nothing ...

I have found a workaround, how to create .vdjstems from my DAW, but it does not work 100% right.

geposted Sat 21 Aug 21 @ 7:08 am
JirSimHome userMember since 2021

I found the way, how I can make own STEMS. All works fine, but I have found a 'Bug' by my own Stems.
If only Vocal and Intru play together, then I hear a little bit of Drums too. If I play Instru only or Vocal only is all OK. Blend is of course 0! I have tested my files in VLC, my DAW etc. and there all is OK.

Can VDJ team enable to use own STEMS without this 'BUG'. Thank you very much.

geposted Mon 13 Sep 21 @ 4:51 pm