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Topic: I made a karaoke rotation manager
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Any windows KJ's want to put it thru its paces? [home testing]

Nothing major about it, it just applies some rules to keep singers in rotation, inserts placeholders if needed (and wanted), a couple of QoL additions so you aren't typing the same name 8 times, singer list to text plugin because why not,

it even has means for 3rd party request apps to add singer,key,filepath via vdj's HTTP in. that's for 3rd parties to adopt, but I couldn't have made it any easier. I have been talking with the dev of the "What Can I Sing?" app on that front.

you add songs to a specific working list and it automatically does the rest.
should improve workflow

geposted Tue 09 Nov 21 @ 7:50 pm
Why aren't these features just part of VDJ. From reading posts over the years it just seems that VDJ is behind other karaoke software due to missing features.

geposted Tue 09 Nov 21 @ 8:11 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
because, [opinion here] user karaoke workflow is a hot mess from what I've heard from user input. Seriously some users just make work for themselves like they get overtime for it or something [/opinion]

opinion aside, I don't know, I just made a thing, if it works better, use it until something better comes along.

geposted Tue 09 Nov 21 @ 8:42 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
What does it try to do really ?
karaoke is so buggy ^^
when users just make their work "for themselves working for decade" available, or just talk about thing related, next VDJ build systematically prevent them to work anymore
does not help to propose things

by the way without temporary sorting and all these playing bugs live karaoke is a mess

geposted Tue 09 Nov 21 @ 10:14 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

please yourself then, or carry on, whatever. I didn't make this to get grief for stuff I have no control over.

geposted Tue 09 Nov 21 @ 10:54 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
no grievance against anyone
only some observations on what happened to karaoke proposals or just talking about them since V8 appeared

geposted Wed 10 Nov 21 @ 3:32 am
mt_clfHome userMember since 2022
I'd love to give your rotation manager a try, if you're still looking for testers!

geposted Sat 15 Jan 22 @ 8:33 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

it went live at the end of November.

geposted Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 12:31 am