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Topic: MAC M1 Issues
My virtual DJ for no reason restarts mid-play.
Sometimes it happens when I press a key on my
keyboard or controller (Numark Mixtrack Pro 3).
When the software restarts, the song I was playing
before it restarted is maintained but loses any pitch
or key changes I made before it restarted. Any help,

geposted Thu 23 Dec 21 @ 8:22 pm
pipmilPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Have you disabled keys & changed the gain & pitched settings?

geposted Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 7:25 pm
Starting now to have same problem, running b6921 arm om my MacBook Pro 2021 14inch. Did you solve it? Will running VDJ in rosetta help? Thank you, Tomas

geposted Mon 09 May 22 @ 5:54 am