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Forum: VirtualDJ Technical Support

Topic: I paid for my program and it doesn't work
paid for the dj program for the month but won't let me use it

geposted Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 3:54 pm
i think you going to have to describe the problem if you would like some help.

also some computer specs maybe even a screen shot of you audio config

geposted Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 4:27 pm
Based on what I see under your user name, it looks as if you were subscribed at one point (you have three stars) but you're currently not subscribed (as it says Home User).

You can't just pay for a month, then cancel, and carry on using the software in future months.

Also you need to ensure that you're logged in to VDJ so that it knows you're subscribed (if you are).

geposted Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 7:43 pm