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Topic: Using BPM Editor
While I continue to struggle with the BPM editor I have a question. When I set a beat marker the color of the next bar changes; other times it doesn’t. Should this be happening? Can anyone explain this ? Thank you

geposted Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 8:59 pm
Adding a new marker, does not necesserily means that the new marker is a "primary" beat (1st of 4)
VirtualDJ calculates the position in beats based on previous BPM and grid, and adjusts the "numbering" of the new marker automatically.
However you can tell VirtualDJ that the new marker you're addin is the "1st of 4" by ticking the corresponding box on the bottom right corner of the BPM Editor. When a marker is marked as "1st of 4" (primary beat) it will get the deck's color. Also, once marked as "1st of 4" it will also "force" a renumbering of the beats after it. Which means that lines will change color to match the new pattern.

geposted Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 11:57 pm