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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Wish for added script "cue_action"
Love VDJ and the more I lean, the more I love to add to what one can do..

and there are so many things one can do with hotcues.

set a cue with set_cue
specify it color with cue_color
name it with cue_name

and there seems to missing the ability to add/write the action for the cue .. with something like cue_action

where cue_action 4 "Action1" adds(writes to POI or database) the quoted action to the desired hotcue (4)
so one could write a script like..
set_cue 4 & cue_color 4 'red' & cue_name 4 "LOOP" & cue_action 4 "loop 16"

to set hotcue 4 as red with name of LOOP and a loop of 16 beats

geposted Thu 10 Feb 22 @ 10:38 am
the verb CUE_TYPE is still missing
(with options : OnlyMarker, Invisible, Cue_X, ........ )
and it would all be complete

geposted Fri 18 Mar 22 @ 2:40 pm
And cue_name doesn't seem to function in any meaningful sort of way..... but that's probably user error :/

geposted Sun 20 Mar 22 @ 11:49 pm
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
Yes, cue_action is nice, but without cue_type is not so good
Imagine, if we have multiple buttons (fog, strobe, spot in center) for set os2l effects. We can program lightshow :)

geposted Sun 03 Apr 22 @ 3:20 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
all os2l commands are actions,
but I have a windows program and pad page that goes a step further [giving os2l action cues, action + name + invisiblity [or colour if you wish]

geposted Sun 03 Apr 22 @ 4:12 pm
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
Ok, but this should be inside VDJ, not some external app via autohotkey.

geposted Mon 11 Apr 22 @ 8:24 am
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression this was added as a new cue_action command:

VirtualDJ - adding an action poi via script

I'm really grateful for this addition, as it opens up a whole world of possibilities for automating cue creation.

geposted Sun 12 Jun 22 @ 12:42 am