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Topic: Traktor Kontrol D2 Screens

geposted Mon 21 Mar 22 @ 3:36 pm
Hope My Displays on my Kontrol S4 MK3 works also soon :-)

geposted Wed 23 Mar 22 @ 8:25 am
Uuuh....Magic happens....with this move you've just managed to make me switch from Traktor after 15 Years.

Had this Mapping running for a while now. Seems really stable and I've already managed to make some mapping adjustments. But I'm still a total newbie to the whole VDJ Mapping System.

Here are some of my thoughts:

- In the browser view it would be nice to include [Shift+Browse Encoder] to go through playlist per page to make scrolling faster in large lists.

- The browser implementation of "Rating" would be nice. That's a crucial "Energy" related replacement for me. You could save screen space by using stripes instead of stars.

- Is it possible to make the browser's "Color rules" viewable? (That could also replace missing "Rating" option)

-- Is it possible to change the screen information for the bottom encoders after remapping them?

After all...is this the right Forum post for D2 Mapping questions or is it really just related to the D2 Screens. Don't wanna mess things up here.

Thanks a lot....Great work!

geposted Tue 12 Jul 22 @ 4:54 pm
I've been mapping the faders to the stems for rhythm, bass, instruments and vocals and also created a padbank for stem mutes and stem fx. And I have to say...it feels amazing! A real natural workflow in conjunction with classic EQs on my mixer.

So, it would be great to have a more stems concentrated mapping (replacing the sampler controls, which I don't use (yet ;) ). The D2s simply feel as they where made for that. Of course I was able to map most of it myself, but the screen related encoders don't do anything meaningful now as they are a bit harder to map when it comes to propper visual feedback.

geposted Fri 15 Jul 22 @ 3:35 pm
Wow...once you've get yourself into some xml basics it's amazing how fast and easy you can modify the mapping + the screen information! Something I could only dream of in Traktor! Well implemented!

I was already able to replace the key information with rating + the option to sort by rating.

Also multiplied the shift browser enc behavior to browse pages (x7).

geposted Fri 22 Jul 22 @ 1:28 pm