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Topic: Live visualizations.
So I currently play music video's during my sets. If it's an audio only file, I do slideshow with pics and mp4's.
I would like to be able to do live visualizations that move to the beat of the music.
Is this possible with VDJ, or do I need some other external software to do this?

geposted Tue 10 May 22 @ 10:27 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

geposted Tue 10 May 22 @ 11:47 pm
locodog wrote :

there's this you could try if windows. It's kind of, set & forget but can be a bit more hands on if you want.

This is just for transitions?

geposted Wed 11 May 22 @ 1:27 am
works with audio only files, during the playbak of music, use SHADERS

geposted Wed 11 May 22 @ 3:52 pm
Milkdrop is also a possibility, via SBDJ.

geposted Wed 11 May 22 @ 4:55 pm
Sometimes it's best to see . Here is and example of what you can do with Virtual Dj . I'm not a Virtual DJ expert only recently did i start using it and my opinion hands down cannot be matched by any other software out there even if you combine the so called best Virtual DJ is the best especially if you like doing things all yourself and less apps plugins etc . Anything you can think of or need i should say is all here if it's not it's not a big deal none of them will have it all and who want a bunch of software running and getting it all to work with the different DJ app's its unnecessary stress, we want to mix not mess with setting up a bunch of software right
Again, I haven't had it long and i don't do complicated so if i can do it anyone using this software can do it.
And this is what i did in short . 3 webcams, 1 Denon Prime 2 , 1 DJ and the blocks .skin.Set up other than video not going into but very simple here is what you need to know ...top right of the page once in the mixer see layout , click , choose Horizontal waves not video just trust me, if using 2 decks 3 screens show left, right, master on the main video output (the middle screen / Master) have own set of transitions and effects etc thats all up to you in the video i am pasting a link to (im new it won't let me upload a video on the forum so the link will show up im hoping) I use dual shaders on all 3 right left master "transforms" , then on right and left decks still under transforms click the ones you want on above that on right and left deck only (overlays) click shader. Move to center/master video fx everything exactly the same except overlay choose camera clicking it on doesn't turn it on make sure the bog that says camera one you exit is lit up the to the right under audio visual choose camera as well only select camera on the master video fx and audio visual move to the right of master screen (video.cf) auto/link choose link move right to video transition choose Sequences again make sure when you exit out its lit/color and not black you can then click on the master video screen which is straight forward follow instructions if you have multiple it will use them all and you can change cycle time
After downloading simply click on it (Main Gui Skins) Then at the bottom under Video skins click (for live) after that click broadcast then just choose where to broadcast to ,youtube facebook custon etc. Virtual DJ is by the way is like compatible with Anything pre mapped and the best as far as mixing equipment for streaming live video the possibilities are endless JUST PLAY WITH IT and let's not forget if its not explained here GOOGLE is your best friend but it's very straight forward and the best way to figure it out play around with it as much as you can. Again, in this video there is no video editing i just cut it down to 3 songs out of a 2 hr set no one switching cameras etc you and and your awesome Virtual DJ app is all you need no help no software simple the way we like it or i do anyway. OH tons of other cool stuff but thats something you will soon find out. Hope this helps out....Happy Mixing and rave on Mandy Mayhem


geposted 3 days ago @ 12:06 am