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Topic: Changing Karaoke order
djkrysrPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I have recently had to do some karaoke gigs so have been using the Karaoke skin, great work btw except for 1 issue.
Occasionally when a song comes up the singer isn't available (in the toilet or having a cigarette etc) and rather than just skip their song I would rather just bump them down the list and let the next person sing instead, but cannot work out how to do this once a song has been loaded into the deck.
Dragging their song down in the list, or dragging another song up the rotation list does change the order of singers listed on the screen but doesn't change the song loaded on the deck, that song will still play regardless of what the list now says.
Double clicking any song, moves it to the top of the rotation list and loads it into the deck ready to play but for some reason the 'singer' entry is deleted so it now says "unknown singer", not ideal.
Is there a simple method for changing the 'next' singer if you need to change the list after the song is loaded, or a way to stop the 'singer' field being cleared when you manually load it.

geposted Wed 18 May 22 @ 3:17 pm