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Topic: TIDAL VIDEO and VDJ 2021
VDJ imports all my Tidal audio and video playlist perfectly. Tidal Videos play well in CUE however when Tidal Videos are played out to video screens, Tidal Video plays audio-only and the video turns black, how can VDJ overcome this?

No results on Google search:
VDJ plays the audio portion of a TIDAL VIDEO when output goes to video screens.
Streaming Tidal Videos won't play video thru VDJ, only audio portion.

geposted Sat 28 May 22 @ 5:17 pm
Assuming HDMI connection, I guess it could be copy protection.

I'm sure I've played videos from Tidal successfully on my Twitch streams.

geposted Sat 28 May 22 @ 6:08 pm