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Topic: Freeze problem - HELP ME :-(
I need help urgently
I have a big event on June 8th
but my new notebook has problems with videomix and jerks or freezes.
It is very powerful
MSI Leopard GP76 i7 11 ^ 8core to 4,6 GHz Geoforce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 Cooler Boost5 - DDR4 8Gbx2
I tested it with Denon7000 NumarkNS6II RolandDJ707M, same problems:
Videos are many MP4 from Xtendamix, 25fps 29fps 30fps, others even 50fpg.
I have to optimize the NVIDIA on Windows 11, but above all set up virtualdj for the best security performance. Will you help me? I am an expert user, but I also need help every 15 years, maybe I get old :-)

geposted Sat 04 Jun 22 @ 10:20 am