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Topic: advanced ' DJ set preparation' window

as seen here, ability to group songs into mini sets (as many as one likes could be 2 songs, or could have 20 or more.
these groups are then protected from resorting. sorting is locked on them to keep them in order.

very handy for prepping a DJ set during the week, so you can put together little combos that work, and you can see them then when you are playing live, and choose or choose not to use them.

here is a further idea on that theme. a node based window, whereby a DJ can put together lots of different good song combos and then interconnect them in different ways to create larger DJ sets.
good for prepping a new set also provides a way to record good song combo ideas when you discover them, and reference back to it when needed.
this view could be clicked into and out of.

geposted Tue 07 Jun 22 @ 10:16 am
Just to expand on my rational for this suggestion

I guest the main thrust of this idea is just to have a way of memorising good track combos so that you can recall it later.
it could be useful when building a set that you are about to record, or preparing a scratch routine.
or when you are just experimenting at home with different combos, and you stumble upon a great harmonic mix, this is just provides you with a way to note that combo down for future reference.
it also helps to structure a set by start middle and end when getting ready to play in a club
This isnt about sticking to a script or being repetitive, or becoming cliche, that is a different discussion. spontaneity is always the aim of the game ,but just about being prepared


geposted Tue 07 Jun 22 @ 11:38 am
I would just use playlists as they are for that.

geposted Tue 07 Jun 22 @ 11:55 am

geposted Tue 07 Jun 22 @ 1:05 pm
playlist and hastags done this work so easy..

i think there is other stuffs that can be improve, for music organization

geposted Thu 09 Jun 22 @ 1:40 am
daydreamerbr wrote :
playlist and hastags done this work so easy..

i think there is other stuffs that can be improve, for music organization

can you explain what you mean about the hashtags?

ok iv started using playlists now, i wasnt really using them before, and iv made a kind of workaround for myself, i have a audio file which is just 2 seconds of silence, which i place between my mini sets, to create divisions for helping to organise the mix.... it does the job....


geposted Wed 22 Jun 22 @ 9:43 am
I'm glad you brought this up, because I'd long been envisioning just such a feature. My hope was that it would be implemented as a Sidelist with collapsible section dividers (or alternatively with tabs). This would make it possible to better organize my sets, rather than just dumping everything into a single list:

During club gigs, for example, I typically have three different sets of music that I work with.

  • Requests - these are songs that people have asked me to play.
  • Floorfillers - these are bangers that I'd like to play during peak hour.
  • Must Plays - these are specially curated songs that I want to play.

Here's a very rudimentary mockup of what I'm thinking of:


geposted Thu 23 Jun 22 @ 5:14 pm