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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Wish for Loop Roll w 8 max beat range. Loop Roll8
Putting in a wish for Loop Roll with 2nd slider having a range of 0-8 beats. (currently 0-4 beats)

It could be a change to current Loop Roll Effect FX, or for NEW Effect created called say, Loop Roll8.

Or a wish for a more general script that would change the beat range (range of slider 2) of a single FX Effect, till changed again (or restart)

IE: A new script lets call it, effect_beats_slider

so that:

effect_beats_slider 'loop roll' '1/32' '8'

would change the range, of loop rolls second slider, to a range of 1/32 beat to 8 beats.

geposted Fri 24 Jun 22 @ 10:20 pm