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Topic: Slideshow automatically turn off script
Hi all I will try & explain this the best I can. When I’m not playing music video I have VDJ set to play a slideshow with background video scrolling (we will call this slideshow A) & I also switch on another slideshow (we will call this slideshow B) with png graphic layered over the top of background slideshow (A). To create some cool advertising. The problem is when I play a music video file slideshow (A) stops & the music video plays which I want as I have it set to do that in the settings. But I want slideshow (B) to stop as well @ the minute I have to manually turn slideshow (B) off so you can see the music video without the graphics over the top. Is there a script or away to turn both slideshow off when I’m playing a music video & both back on when playing music??

I hope this makes sense. & someone can help me out with this issue I have.

geposted Sun 26 Jun 22 @ 6:04 pm