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Topic: Active Loops
What is an Active Loop? With an active loop (sometimes called auto loop) a loop is automatically triggered when playing a track without the DJ having to look at it. This can be handy to make an outro longer, so you can fluently mix over to another song.

So this allows for an intro and outro loop to be automatically triggered when you play the song.

No keys or buttons pushed.

This is similar to the functions found on Engine DJ, Rekordbox and Serato.

It's only VDJ that has it missing.

For a well organised library it works well, never any dead airtime, plus makes mixing the new song in much easier.

geposted Thu 01 Sep 22 @ 7:26 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006

geposted Thu 01 Sep 22 @ 8:06 am
What I believe is missing is a function/setting to allow to disable (globally or per deck) and enable any active loop passing through. The POI editor allows you to make it trigger any time the track reaches that saved loop, but you might not want this to happen every time

geposted Mon 26 Sep 22 @ 2:52 pm
seanPRO InfinityMember since 2018
I totally agree with this, I'm currently coming from Traktor, I have certain tracks where I have a loop set after the first drop where I would sometimes mix out, however if the audience is still enjoying the track I'll leave it another verse and chorus. I can decide at any time if I want to the loop to activate.

geposted Mon 21 Aug 23 @ 9:55 am
Like posted, this already exists in VDJ
Here is an example:

geposted Mon 21 Aug 23 @ 10:58 am
seanPRO InfinityMember since 2018

geposted Sun 24 Sep 23 @ 9:06 pm
@Sean isn't this achievable per song/circumstance by switching to saved loop page to activate/using the loop deactivate button on controllers/some other mapping/the skin to deactivate if you see it on?

I must say if the hotcue pad page had a form of activating loops it has in slots directly it would be a faster workflow (Rekorbox has this), although it's not clear how you would achieve this by default on controllers with pads (some custom logic e.g with shift presses or otherwise) would be required to differentiate activation, jumping to, deativation.

geposted Sun 24 Sep 23 @ 10:02 pm
seanPRO InfinityMember since 2018
Yes you can use the saved loops page to activate the loops but you need to determine which loop is next and then find the button that corresponds to it. And my controller doesn't have pads or many remaining unmapped buttons that I could add this to.

I basically simplified this process to a single button, my script checks which loop is next and activates it for you. After 10 years with Traktor hitting the same button I really needed this.

You can activate loops with pads there's a page called "Saved loops".

geposted Mon 25 Sep 23 @ 8:25 am
I understand what you are saying. I saw you posted the script you used to achieve that in another thread, thanks for sharing that 🙏🏾.

geposted Mon 25 Sep 23 @ 2:13 pm