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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: virtual DJ production suite
what if Virtual DJ was to have an add on program which was oriented around doing DJ related production work, such as redrumming, remixing, creating intros and outros for songs.

the benefit is it could use all of the in built features of virtual dj to calculate the key, tempo and stems
but then provide the user with a multi track timeline and possibly a drum sampler, or other such vst / midi style instruments to then add the bits we want to add.

id see it as a side program, not to be used live.
this would be very handy especially to have access to the virtual dj stems 2.0 in this setting and to be able to tweek and EQ the different elements to make better remixes.

currently djs might use other daws for this but the workflow is a bit messy and cumbersome at times, the other DAWs do so much, but often they don't actually do what DJs want very easily.
sometimes one has to put the song into VDJ to analyze it or separate stems and so on, and then move it over. if it was integrated in a virtual DJ package it would be much handier, and anyways this is DJ related stuff so i would say it falls under the umbrella of VDJ quite well!

just an idea ! :-)

geposted Sat 04 Mar 23 @ 2:47 pm