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Topic: Stems Split

geposted Fri 26 May 23 @ 1:34 pm
Rune (DJ-In-Norway) wrote :
Discussion about Stems Split

Nice work, very powerful. it works great. unfortunately when I connect it to my Rane72 mixer with a Phase system, the slip mode doesn't work. I've configured the sound card to output the sound from decks 3 and 4 on the channel dedicated to the Sample (5-6). I have the split with acapella on deck 1 channel 1-2 and melody drum and bass on deck 3 channel 5-6. I disengage link and the slip activates but when I release the platter it doesn't pick up where the instrumental from deck 3 or 4 is. Yet it works fine with Hotcues or when I'm not plugged in timecode with Phasemoving platter getback to right position. can I set the timecode mode with the phase in pick position mode something like that?
once again great job. i'll try with rane twelve to see if there is a difference

geposted Thu 15 Jun 23 @ 3:23 pm
I tested it with Rane 72 mixer and Rane Twelve turntable controller. It works very well, almost perfectly. There's a slight delay when you release the platter, but it stays in sync with turntable 3, which has the instrumental. So it's a question of setting the timecode with the PHASE system. I've changed it to absolute instead of relative, but it doesn't change anything. Next test will be with a Timecode vinyl and needle

geposted Tue 20 Jun 23 @ 1:24 pm