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Topic: Numark Mixstream Pro Go (battery version) My battery tests.
***WARNING, long post***
Numark Mixstream Pro Go Controller (battery powered)

After 47 years DJing, I’m in semi-retirement. I recently got to thinking my Controllers are getting a little old. So, looking to the future, I bought the Numark Mixstream Pro Go standalone (the new battery version), it's very versatile. Of course, it works well with VirtualDJ, which is how I'll be using it as I have invested nearly 20 years in VDJ. Also, using VDJ means I can use stems on it now! I will obviously learn Engine DJ which runs natively on the unit, only for backup though. When I get comfortable using VDJ with it, I will probably sell my Denon Controllers.

Incidentally, switching to Standalone from Computer (VDJ) or vice versa takes approx. 30 seconds to restart.

What is the battery life.. (when using speakers, volume up, and display near full brightness)?

I've been trying to find that out myself. I've heard 3-4 hours, someone quoted 4-5 hours and Numark claims 5-6 hours depending on settings and how it's used, more than likely a perfect scenario that users will never achieve, like car manufacturers and their fuel consumption figures.🤷‍♂️
But, at any point, you can plug the charging lead in without interruption. Someone has tried it with a powerbank with the correct lead and it works just like charging a mobile phone.🤔

I am very impressed with VirtualDJ's implementation of this unit. I need some time to find my way with VDJ.😊

I fed it a Tidal list of 500 tunes to stream so it was running unattended off my home WiFi.

***That was an interesting test with unexpected results.***
Started continuously streaming from a Tidal playlist and played over 130 tunes before running out of battery.

A warning of Low Battery was displayed at 20% and again at 10%. Then at 0% a different message asked me to switch off or continue, and I selected continue. It ran another 25 minutes before shutting off.

There was no external equipment connected, the master output volume was at zero, and internal speakers were at maybe 10%. Oh, and running standalone. Screen brightness was at the 2nd lowest setting and perfectly visible. The Mixstream ran out of battery at;

6:45:37 hours! 😳

Charging the battery from completely depleted took 2 hours 24 minutes from 0% to 100%

I tried this again using VirtualDJ and throwing a recent gig list from the history into Automix.
I connected my Mackie SRM450s. I had the Mixstream output volume at max, but, the Mackies just cracked open a tiny bit, well I have got neighbours you know. 🤣

With the screen brightness at the 2nd lowest setting, the mixstream ran out of juice at;

5:46:45 hours

After another 2:24 hours charging the battery, I tried again but this time I had the screen brightness set at maximum;

5:16:16 hours 😊

Although this is impressive, it is on automix. Using the unit manually may reduce the time when operating the controls, faders, volume eq., etc.

***One thing I noticed, when running the unit using VirtualDJ, there is no display for the battery charge.*** 🙁

Hopefully this info may be useful to some. 😊

It has taken some time to do all these tests as you can see from the number of hours recording and recharging the battery, and being in attendance for the timing, it took several days over a couple of weeks. Got there in the end though, I should imagine that like mobile phone batteries, over a couple of years, the battery timings will reduce.

Can I have a rant now? EngineDJ is a nightmare!!! I have setup a 16gb SD card with a playlist of 110 tunes and can't believe how clunky it is!!! It took 2 1/2 hours to reorganise the playlist into the running order I wanted. This is all general tunes just for backup and means I can run a whole gig standalone if needed. I will definitely be using VDJ to run it.😊

My Systems Specs;
M1 MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2022), Apple Silicon M1 Pro, 16gb, 500 gb SSD, macOS Ventura 13.6, VirtualDJ Early Access v2023-m b7682.

External WD Passport Ultra 2tb HD formatted ExFat containing Music & Video databases.

Controllers - Denon MC7000, Denon MC6000 Mk2.
***New addition*** Numark Mixstream Pro Go, engine dj 3.2.0

geposted Sun 24 Sep 23 @ 1:11 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
djles.co.uk wrote :
One thing I noticed, when running the unit using VirtualDJ, there is no display for the battery charge. 🙁

This is something we have already asked from InMusic to include to their SDK and until they do, we cant read (and display) this.


geposted Sun 24 Sep 23 @ 1:44 am
Thanks for clearing that up Babis, I'll probably be using the unit plugged into the mains under normal use. It just seemed odd that there was no battery display when it is a selling point of the unit. Cheers.

geposted Sun 24 Sep 23 @ 2:46 am