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Topic: AudioCatalyst

Dieses Thema ist veraltet und kann veraltete oder falsche Informationen enthalten.

Please stop suggesting people to use AudioCatalyst!!

It's uses the worst encoder ever produced. Sure, it's blazingly fast, but the result is poor... for more information

geposted Sun 14 Jan 01 @ 1:51 am
Thats Not True Try Buying The Software Entitled MP3 You Will Find It Comes With Audio Catalyst And Its Brilliant!!!!

geposted Thu 18 Jan 01 @ 1:36 am
If you slow down the encoding process, and let your processor do it's job everything works just fine.

geposted Fri 19 Jan 01 @ 12:07 am
RiscHome userMember since 2003
Here if you are not happy with AudioCatalyst then check out "Audioactive MP3 Production Studio" its rather slow but produced in partnership with Fraunhofer Labs - the inventors of MP3 - and uses their latest technology to produce the highest fidelity MP3 encoding. If you know what i mean.

-= R ! S C =-
Team Atomix

geposted Mon 22 Jan 01 @ 12:54 am
Worst encoder? It uses the Fraunhofer codec, made by the same folks who *invented* mp3 audio. You CAN'T get any better then that. :P~
Maybe you have the settings in AudioCatalyst set too low. I always use at least 160kbit, Simple Stereo. No warble or other sound difference from the original cd track.
I wish that AtomixMP3 used the Fraunhofer codec myself.... maybe in the future?

geposted Fri 26 Jan 01 @ 11:19 am

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