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Topic: Music library's

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NaDeRHome userMember since 2002
ive got like 3000 files of music,cd's and vinyl, the question as i realize that most of the songs i know and i love but for most people they dont even know them,i know they enjoy the music i play but they dont really know it,so am trying to make the ideal music library for all people that the people know and love,so id like any suggestions,music types ,etc or even if you could copy your library file from atomix that would be great,maybe we can all make an ideal library for each main genre,i think itd be a great help to everybody!


geposted Mon 06 May 02 @ 7:38 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003

geposted Mon 06 May 02 @ 9:17 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
There are as many musical tastes as there are people on the planet. I don't think there is any such thing as an "ideal music library". Every single individual would have different ideas of what selections should be in that library. Good luck tho. Sounds like a fun project.

geposted Mon 06 May 02 @ 10:13 pm
DJ CocoPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Maybe, we could sepparate different music in different folders.-

geposted Mon 06 May 02 @ 11:21 pm
IMHO It's a project difficult to generalize. It is not the same the german techno that the spanish techno. And some songs are the best in somewhere and in other place are unknown.

geposted Tue 07 May 02 @ 1:36 am
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
Please check out my post in the other 'Music Libraries' thread.... it details an idea I have for a forum wide playlist project.

geposted Tue 07 May 02 @ 7:09 am
THe problem with 3000+ music library is you cannot appericate the artistic value of a song just by one hearing.
I remember when I have less than 200 songs in my computer. I could instantly recognize a song in random mode. But now, when I have new songs come in my hard drive almost every week, it's so hard to keep up. Even if I can listen to all the songs, it would be less than 2 hearing per songs. Now I cannot identify the song at all. A lot of time, I recognize the song at the club but I have no clue what is the name of it so I can listen to it at my system again. It's very frustrated and I cannot do a damn thing about it.
What should I do???

geposted Tue 07 May 02 @ 6:46 pm
NaDeRHome userMember since 2002
you wanna know something funny when i first started got all the new music and stuff,i got this tune stuck to my head now every time am alone or just silent for a while,i whistle that damn tune its been two years and am still whistling it but you know what i dont have any idea what it is where it came from,now thats frustrarting and another thing once i used some vinyl from a friend at first i played this song that had phone sounds and the vocal of a girl who says but i want to want too but i want to want with you its beatiful great music great vocals,and the thing is i never found it i cant find the name of it ,if anybody here has an idea please tell me

geposted Tue 07 May 02 @ 7:25 pm
Hehehe.. I know how it is.. I'm just glad (sorta) I know the name of the track that's currently stuck in my ear for a couple of months, going on half a year soon:
Deep forest - "Sweet Lullaby"
(A very Enya-like (somewhat annoying at times) version of "Komodo" (Mauro Picotto), also heard in Gladiator if I'm not mistaken... )

No clue as to what your tunes are called though, sorry mate :o)

geposted Tue 07 May 02 @ 10:33 pm

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