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Im no dj.but i thought about 1 feature which is not featured but would be perfect..When mixing tracks together the base khz from 1 track cancels out the base khz in the your left with (while mixing) no base what so ever......just a thought


geposted Wed 14 Mar 01 @ 8:33 pm
You get the same problem with real decks and vinyl. If you play two copies of the same tune at the same time you will notice the phasing even more. With vinyl, the only way to avoid this is by getting the beats EXACTLY aligned and the pitch EXACTLY in sync - the mark of an excellent DJ.

But if there was a way to 'help' eliminate this phasing electronically.....I share your thought.

geposted Thu 15 Mar 01 @ 1:03 am
There is no real way to do this with AtomixMp3...yet, the way you get by this using real decks is when your mixing in the 2nd deck, you have the base turned off.... then when your at the peak of the mix, you switch the 1st decks base of and the 2nd decks base on....this will stop the phasing but you will notice the change as the two songs will have diffenrt base lines, but this is cool for doing cheesy base effects =O)


geposted Thu 15 Mar 01 @ 2:22 pm
What are you on about? By KHz i suppose you mean audible sound waves? By base i assume bass? If you play two basslines on top of each other they reinforce themselves and you have boomy bass, i have never known them to instead cancel each other out. Although if not in sync exactly they can knock each others volume bassline intensity down as crests are meeting troughs and removing some wave peaks.

Big me up with a reply man.

geposted Thu 15 Mar 01 @ 10:00 pm
I know exactly what you mean, however, if you buy two soundcards and hook it upto a mixer (as I have done - still gotta keep it a LITTLE bit real - c'mon guys....crossfaders are too much fun to flick!) you can just use the EQ's..then again my mixer is fairly decent, some cheap crappy ones dont have proper eq's for every channel but that's what I do anyway ..

But yeah, having a feature which will sorta make the bass on the crossfading on the softer song really low, and when you click it over it cuts out, but it'd have to be kinda in a lotharigmic shape if you get what I mean...exponentially or whatever, ..

geposted Fri 30 Mar 01 @ 11:54 am

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