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instead of it recording to WAv format can it record to mp3 and would there be a possible way to split the recording for editing instead of using a lame mp3 splitter to make a CD That would make the program so absolete. Reply?

geposted Fri 30 Mar 01 @ 5:19 am
Well, here is how I do it, because I cut mixes to listen to. (also great for playback to see just what you sounded like)

Record into a wav format, and using a program such as Sound Forge (trial version: you can slice it into the audio segments you want.

On a plus note, the new version of SF also can save into MP3, eliminating the need for the wav file once you are done mixing. :)

I hope this helps.

geposted Fri 30 Mar 01 @ 10:40 am
Yo... download Xing Encoder for like 10 bucks on-line and you can encode the wav to MP3... saves lotsa space brotha!

geposted Sun 01 Apr 01 @ 9:21 pm
Or you could go to and use the "save broadcast to mp3".. will be little trickky but worth learning.

This way you can simultaneously broadcast your mix to netradio and save it to mp3 on your hdd.. I don't know how powerful computer you need to use atomix & mp3 encoding same time.. i have separate computer hooked to my mixers record output for broadcasting/saving mixes.

geposted Mon 02 Apr 01 @ 5:51 pm
Check this

It gives you a really good quality converter for music files. It can interchange with WAV, MP3, WMA, CDA and u can download codecs for other formats.

geposted Thu 05 Apr 01 @ 9:30 pm

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