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Topic: Instant switch between songs("Slam")
DjBoshiHome userMember since 2003

How do I do(in a simple way) instant switches between songs, also called a slam..

I've looked all over for some shortcut or something like that, but I can't find anything..

Please help me..

geposted Sun 02 Mar 03 @ 12:04 pm
abnormPRO InfinityMember since 2003
In options, choose 0 seconds for auto mix. When you want to make an instant transition just click on the the auto mix button. You can assign a shortcut to it as well...

geposted Mon 03 Mar 03 @ 6:31 pm
..or create a keyboard shortcut that moves the crossfade to the leftmost/rightmost position.
I checked the default shortcuts in the 2.2 demo and there are already shortcuts for that: shift+PgUp and shift+PgUp
Give that a try and you won't have to fiddle around with AutoMix which can cause a severe headache at times :)

geposted Mon 17 Mar 03 @ 3:22 pm
duh.. shift+PgDn and shift+PgUp of course :)

geposted Mon 17 Mar 03 @ 3:22 pm