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Topic: i need a activation code
djmakkaHome userMember since 2004

I have been trying to contact you guys all day. i puchased the latest version of atomixmp3 last night order number E------ and the activation code does not come up in my order confirmation e-mail. i have installed the program over an older version but it will not work till it is activated. i am working tonight and need the code to be able to work, otherwise i am going to have to cancel a £300 gig

Please Help me.

Mark Fee

geposted Tue 20 Jan 04 @ 3:13 pm

geposted Tue 20 Jan 04 @ 8:59 pm
djmakkaHome userMember since 2004
Hi Guys

Just wanna say thanx to the guyz at atomix who managed to send me the code Direct after a comunication error with the order company........ i fainnally got the code and manged to get to my gig and had a great night.


geposted Wed 21 Jan 04 @ 11:15 am
DamsPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Thanks for your feedback ;)

geposted Wed 21 Jan 04 @ 11:41 pm
Didnt get my code in time.Please send me another.

geposted Wed 09 Jan 13 @ 11:56 am

geposted Wed 09 Jan 13 @ 12:06 pm