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Topic: Scratch Sample Sound
I have been searching the Internet for hours and I cannot find the sound sample that DJs tend to use because it sounds great when scratched. DJ Gauge used it in his video. Here's the link to the Youtube video.

May someone please tell me where I can find it or send me a link by uploading the file to I would appreciate it a lot! I asked DJ Gauge for it with no luck.

geposted Mon 09 Oct 06 @ 5:17 am
Its probably a scratch sound sample...

Many djs use that, or small chunks of vocals ( "aah yeah" or "freeesh" etc.. ) to scratch with...

If you google for "Dj tools scratch samples" you will find lots.. ;)

For example :

geposted Mon 09 Oct 06 @ 11:12 am
MuelusPRO InfinityMember since 2005
im glad someone has startted a thread like this because i have the same problem. i really want to learn the basics of scratching after watching gauges video. Its totally inspired me to give it a go but my problem is the same as above. I have no idea what a good scratch sample is at all and where to find them.
Also in gauges video he said he looped the sample in the left deck ( 1 beat long ).. but if i loop a sample over 1 beat and use the jog wheel in reverse it goes passed the initial loop point that i have chosen and then i am scratching with a part of a vocal which i didnt want. Once it goes back into the loop points it loops again as normal.

Am i doing this correctly..
MK 1 user here

geposted Tue 10 Oct 06 @ 12:07 am
I would also like to know that. Not to mention the crossfader settings as well.

Thanks DJ-In-Norway! In the second MP3 that sopund is in there! I just need to splice it up. Thanks again!!!

geposted Wed 11 Oct 06 @ 5:53 am
After a while, you"ll learn that you can use any vocal or any sound as long as it doesn't hurt the ear. Not to say that i'm a pro, but that's something I learnt from a fellow dj who cuts like crazy.

geposted Sat 14 Oct 06 @ 10:10 am
jib90Home userMember since 2005
yes i noticed the crossfader is just on the left int it what with that? and if you watch he does not actually press play he turns the bass up i think this is prerecorded dont you?

geposted Mon 16 Oct 06 @ 10:27 pm

He uses the crossfader on an external mixer ;)

The herc crossfader is set all left as a trick to make the mk2 connect to external mixer (before new drivers came out, and fixed that )

geposted Mon 16 Oct 06 @ 11:42 pm
jib90Home userMember since 2005
o ok cool but hes really talented being able to do that with dj console

geposted Mon 16 Oct 06 @ 11:46 pm
jib90 wrote :
o ok cool but hes really talented being able to do that with dj console

This thread, and the video is from 2006
Any controller you get today will work better for scratching than this very old Hercules one

geposted Fri 09 Feb 18 @ 9:46 am
klausmogensen wrote :

This thread, and the video is from 2006

...and so is the post that you're replying to!

geposted Fri 09 Feb 18 @ 5:32 pm
Locked my AMAHM

geposted Sat 10 Feb 18 @ 5:24 pm