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Topic: Adding a plugin to a skin! :S
Bdj1Home userMember since 2007
Hi! Does anyone have an idea about the possibility to make working virtual dj with winamp plugins??

I took a look to winamp skins (just rename the .wal file into .zip and unzip it to edit!!) and I was thinking about the possibility to add the winamp's plugin into a virtual dj skin in some way...

The advantage is that winamp's plugins work just by reading the output sound so, also while mixing, it would display a nice animation.. and also if it is absolutely useless I think it could be cool to see isn't it?? :D

Thanks to everyone!


geposted Fri 22 Jun 07 @ 7:03 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
they use totaly different sdks

the abitly to use some winamp plugins is being investigated

geposted Fri 22 Jun 07 @ 7:28 pm