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Topic: Installing codecs (m4a) possible?
Hi together!

I have a question:
Is it possible to install some codec in VDJ to play *.m4a files?
If so, how can i do this?

Under the page codecs in VDJ m4a is listed and set to general quick time audio decoder since the first startup. so i thought it would play *.m4a files but it does not.

any ideas how to get VDJ to play *.m4a files?

Thanks for your help!

geposted Sat 11 Oct 08 @ 7:02 am
VDJ won't play itunes protected files. It can play the ones that aren't protected thought (itunes plus files). So if I'm right, the protected ones are .m4p and the unprotected ones are .m4a

I downloaded the 3ivx codec and that worked for me (to play .m4a audio tracks and .m4v videos), but there's probably other codecs that would work. I think i paid $6 or something for the full version of the codec from their website.

geposted Sun 12 Oct 08 @ 8:18 am
All my files are m4a since I used Itunes to rip my library. Are you sure you've got the m4a files pointed to Quick Time? (Config --> Codecs)

geposted Mon 13 Oct 08 @ 6:16 pm
I'm sure to use the quick time audio decoder, yes. but it does not work.
I tried every codec and the only not a single worked.
only if i use the video decoder VDJ can read the file and load it in the player, i get the waveform display correct for the song, but i cant play it; meaning if i hit the play button it just happens nothing.

i have no more idea what to do.

any suggestions?

geposted Tue 14 Oct 08 @ 2:17 am

geposted Tue 14 Oct 08 @ 9:51 pm
bear with me I have downloaded & installed the codec as suggested
Is there anything else I have to do as I am trying to play an m4v and it wont load
I presume the codec is set to video player
Thanks in advance

geposted Sat 13 Dec 08 @ 10:59 am
I´m a bit shocked no-one here knows how very, very simple this is.

Download this completely legel and free (no shareware / trial shit) codec pack (just the basic, that´s plenty)

Choose "Simple" install and select the quicktime related codecs available.

Associate .m4a files with General Windows MediaPlayer audio decoder.

You´re done.

No restart needed.

Plays trax bought in via iTunes too, no problem.

geposted Mon 23 Aug 10 @ 5:12 pm