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Advanced Setup

AKAI LPD8 Editor

Akai offers an Editor to manually edit, save and load presets for the Pads and Faders. You can download from https://www.akaipro.com/lpd8 (select the DOWNLOADS tab)

In order VirtualDJ factory mapping to operate properly, the Pads and Faders need to have certain Midi Note/CC values in Program 1, as shown in the following image

Manual Programming

  • Open AKAI Professional LPD8 Editor
  • Edit the values for the 8 Pads and faders for Program 1, as shown in the image above.
  • Under Program 1, click on the SEND button
  • You can manually program Programs 2 to 4, the same way, but keep in mind that these will not be offered as VirtualDJ keys, so do this if you intend to use the LPD8 in other applications.
  • You can save your programming from File->Save Program

Load VDJ Programming

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