Hardware Manuals

Gemini - GMX/GMX Drive - Layout  

Tempo Controls

  1. PITCH. Adjust the track's playback speed (tempo). The pitch value in % and the current tempo value (BPM) are displayed on the LCD screen

    Note. The actual pitch fader will not alter the pitch of the track if the actual pitch and the software pitch value do not match (software soft-takeover, ghost fader visible on the GUI). In most cases this may happen if SYNC is prior pressed or switching decks and the other deck is having a different pitch software value.

  2. KEYLOCK. Press this button to "lock" the track's pitch to its original key. The track's tempo will remain at the speed designated by the Pitch Fader
    Hold SHIFT down and then use this button to select the next available range for the Pitch.
    The selected pitch range value is displayed on the LCD screen.

  3. BPM TAP/LOCK. Tap this button (for at least 4 times) based on the rhythm of the track to manually adjust the tempo of the track (if incorrectly calculated by the software). When track is paused, tap this button once to move the Beatgrid anchor to the current position.
    Hold SHIFT down and then use this button to automatically match the corresponding Deck's tempo with the opposite Deck's tempo and phase.

LCD Info