Licenses Comparison

Home Free Home Plus LE 8 Pro Oem Pro
Allgemeine Merkmale
Voll ausgestatteter fortschrittlicher DJ-Player
From 2 to 99 decks
Volles ausgestattetes Browser- und Bibliothekenmanagment
Full customization
VDJScript, custom interfaces (skins), advanced options, ...
Interne Editoren
automix editor, POI editor, video editor, track cleaner, ...
Access to all audio effects
Videos abspielen möglich
Karaoke möglich
Access to all video effects
Can change, customize or remove video logo
Record & Broadcast
Can record audio or video to files
Can broadcast to other users
Can record and store podcasts online
Für den Broadcast an einen professionellen Radioserver
Use with USB/MIDI controllers The licenced controller only The licenced controller only
Use with external analog mixer and/or timecode vinyls Separate Lizenz Kommt auf den Controller an
Use with hardware not supported yet (using custom definitions)
Lizenz Transfer
with controller

with controller
Can be used for 'professional' use
(earning money as DJ)
Preis Free Zwischen $49 und $249 einem Controller beigelegt einem Controller beigelegt $19/Monat (oder $299)