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 [ENG] M-Audio Xponent and Virtual DJ 5 setup

Thu 21 Feb 08 @ 2:11 pm

The ASIO native driver have some distortions issue after 30-40 minutes of use in some computers but in some other computers is ok, you can test it to have low latency like 128, 256 or normal like 512 or 1024

From Windows Control panel open M-Audio Xponent driver setup and select latency @ 1024 for example

In Virtual DJ set the audio card in this mode

SafeMode & Overclock enable/disable it change in any different computer, in my computer only with Overclock enabled sound is ok.

Select Bank A on midi selector channel

And don't forgot to enable the controller!

An advanced mapper is available into the External Tool page (only for PRO user), follow the instruction inside the zip file to know how to install it.